Justinian & Associates is pleased to announce that our very own Amber M. Pang Parra has been elected Chair of the American Association for Justice’s Minority Caucus.

Along with her new leadership role, Amber was also appointed to the organization’s Committee on the Judiciary.

While Amber may have some challenging new work ahead of her, she is no stranger to the AAJ’s mission: she still serves as Secretary of the Civil Rights Division, and is co-chair of the Allergan Biocell Breast Implant Litigation Group.

The American Association for Justice

The American Association for Justice (AAJ) is a decades-old non-profit advocacy and lobbying organization, founded to “promote a fair and effective justice system” by protecting and preserving plaintiffs’ Seventh Amendment right to trial by jury.

The AAJ is the largest trial bar in the world, boasting more than 56,000 members, most of whom are based in the United States.

While the AAJ provides valuable resources to member-attorneys—from networking opportunities to its own referral system—it does some of its best work in the public sphere.

Broadly, the organization seeks to empower everyday Americans: its foremost missions include some of the most popular political initiatives in modern politics, from abolishing forced corporate arbitration to ensuring that trucking and transportation logistics companies carry enough insurance to keep everyone on the road safe.

AAJ Minority Caucus Chair

The AAJ also seeks to empower attorneys and plaintiffs of all different backgrounds. As the newly-elected chair of the Association’s Minority Caucus, Amber will take a leading role connecting experienced attorneys with minority communities across the country.

While the Minority Caucus has more than a thousand active members, it is among the American Association for Justice’s most engaged, outward-facing caucuses: it has continued to champion civil, consumer, and criminal justice, even amidst the hardships of the coronavirus pandemic.

One of the Caucus’s biggest priorities is public service, with Caucus members devoting tens of thousands of free hours to deserving clients and causes each year.

Amber M. Pang Parra is a Warrior For The Injured

Amber has long been a proponent of the Caucus’s mission, which encourages attorneys to engage with people outside their ordinary client bases, fostering strong communities from the bottom-up.

Committee on the Judiciary

Alongside winning election as Chair for the American Association for Justice’s Minority Caucus, Amber’s colleagues have entrusted her with another important position: a post on the organization’s Committee on the Judiciary.

While the Judiciary Committee has many priorities, the Committee’s principal concern is the federal judiciary.

Amber and the other committee appointments spearhead research, analyses, and advocacy on all aspects of the federal judiciary, from fair client representation to procedural equity.

As a Judiciary Committee appointee, Amber has a big responsibility: helping identify potential federal judicial candidates, pushing for their nomination, and advocating their confirmation.

Secretary of Civil Rights Division

The American Association for Justice has made its presence known in the public sphere, too: as trial lawyers, the group’s leadership, caucuses, and committees have spoken out against police brutality and other law enforcement misconduct.

As Secretary of the AAJ’s Civil Rights Division, Amber has taken a firm stance against misconduct of all kinds.

Naturally, Amber expects her role as Civil Rights secretary to tie into her new appointments with the Minority Caucus and Judiciary Committee.

Allergan Biocell Textured Breast Implant Litigation Group (ABTBILG)

Another of Amber’s important AAJ postings is with the Allergan Biocell Textured Breast Implant Litigation Group.

As one of several co-chairs, Amber helps other AAJ members prepare complaints and cases against Allergan Biocell and its providers.

While the federal Food and Drug Administration only recognized a dozen instances of Allergan textured breast implants causing anaplastic large cell lymphoma in 2019, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons has since identified nearly 1,000 suspected and confirmed cases.

Amber’s latest appointments with the American Association for Justice serve only to complement an already-impressive resume of community service and passionate client care.

Justinian & Associates is proud and lucky to have Amber as one of our most effective and experienced attorneys. We congratulate her on her continued commitment to ensuring the rights of not only our own clients but plaintiffs across the entire country.

About Amber

Outside of her American Association for Justice advocacy and activism, Amber has continued expanding her practice at Justinian & Associates. Amber recently opened the firm’s Veterans Law practice, and has years of prior experience in Mass Torts.

Throughout the entirety of her professional life, Amber has endeavored to help low-income and marginalized people—people who are, all too often, harmed by the carelessness and greed of corporate interests. Amber believes that her practices and areas of expertise allow people who may lack resources to join together and fight for the recompense they deserve.

Even before earning her law degree, Amber worked for and with at-risk and under-served populations, and is proud to have given hundreds of hours of free legal services to people in need.

No doubt that Amber will leverage her roles to do what she does best: providing stellar representation to plaintiffs who very often lack the resources to take on bullies by themselves.