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Personal Injury

Justinian & Associates is a personal injury law firm based in Austin, TX. We have offices in San Antonio and Pflugerville as well. Our sole focus is helping people get compensation for their injuries. Most people who have been in a car accident would argue that they never asked to be injured and if given the choice between their lingering injuries, diminished quality of life, and some money — or never having been injured — they would choose to have never been hurt in the first place. We dedicate our practice and our lawyers dedicate their lives to making the insurance companies pay for victims’ medical care (now and into the future), their wrecked cars, and for their pain and suffering.

We are injury lawyers. Your personal injury lawyers — and we help injured people. Let us help you.

Mass Tort Law

Fighting for your rights against the largest multi-national corporations is no small task. That's the arena where mass tort law takes place. Drug and medical device manufacturers have the ability to create cures and devices that can lengthen and improve our quality of life. However, when these prescription drugs and medical devices fail or are dangerous from the start, the manufacturers should be held accountable for the lives that are affected, destroyed, or have been lost due to their products. Justinian & Associates has always handled mass tort cases. We believe firmly in protecting people from dangerous drugs and medical devices and when they are injured we absolutely stand behind the victims.

Lead attorney, Erik Walker, has decades of legal experience and has fought many mass tort cases — some of which have set legal precedence for later trials. He is a stalwart for victims' rights and advocates to help prevent tragedies and to secure compensation for any injuries that have been caused by a prescription drug or defective medical device or product.

Erik works closely with our pharmaceuticals team which provides Justinian & Associates a unique advantage: when you sign up with us, we're likely the attorneys you'll be working with throughout the life of your mass tort case. Where most other firms are either too small, too inexperienced, or incapable of standing up to multi-billion dollar corporations, Justinian & Associates will stand by your side.


We believe that everyone should have the right to pursue their American Dream. Whether you've come to America because it's the land of opportunity or you're here escaping a bad situation in your home country, we want to be the law firm that helps you through the immigration process and help you achieve your American Dream.

Our lead immigration attorney, Diego Rodriguez, is a first-generation American born to immigrant parents. Seeing his parent go through the naturalization process and knowing the pride that they have in being Americans inspired Diego to become an immigration attorney. He strives to help as many people and as many families as he can achieve their American Dream.

Our staff is fully Spanish bilingual. If you have any other language needs, we are happy to accommodate. Please give us a call. All our consultations are always free.

Need Legal Help?

If you have any legal questions at all, we're always happy to help. We never charge for consultations. One of the primary reasons is that we want to be able to provide people with the answers to their legal questions without the issue of cost getting in their way.

Justinian & Associates is a law firm built upon the principal of helping people. We believe that everyone deserves their day in court and that everyone deserves to have their voice heard. No corporate interest is above the will of the people. We are passionate advocates for our clients and make ever effort to ensure that you're well informed about your case and your rights.

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We invite you to reach out to is if you have any legal questions at all. Even if it's not an injury or immigration case, we have a large staff of attorneys with experience in many facets of the law whether it's a criminal matter, a property dispute, or a family issue, we will always do our best to help you find the answers you need.

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