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What Is Mass Tort Litigation?

A “mass tort” case is one in which one person or company hurts a large number of people.

  • Asbestos cases are mass tort cases because asbestos companies hurt millions of people.
  • Drug cases are mass tort cases because the drug manufacturers hurt lots of people.
  • A plane crash can be a mass tort because the airline hurt a large number of people.

Mass torts cover a wide range of practice areas in personal injury law. That’s why these cases require the utmost care, attention to detail and experience. Having the best resources available and knowing the process, front to back, is essential when handling the outcome of every individual involved.

Offering You the Representation You Deserve

The lawyers at Justinian & Associates have represented and obtained compensation and settlements for thousands of clients in cases involving:

Mass tort litigation cases require focus, preparation and commitment to the client and to the cause. When you’re at your most vulnerable, you need trusted legal guidance to protect you from every possible variable.

Passion = Success

Justinian Lane founded this firm because he is very passionate about this area of law.  He is so passionate about this area of law because he has had family members die because of asbestos and because of defective prescription drugs.  The painful experiences Justinian went through have given him a unique perspective on the needs of those who come to his firm.  He makes sure all of the lawyers on his team work tirelessly to obtain justice for the firm’s clients.

Preparation is Crucial to Victory

The firm has a Pharmacovigilance Specialist on-hand, who constantly researches the latest medical literature and who keeps the pharmaceutical law team apprised of the most recent, groundbreaking cases and findings.

Justinian & Associates also uses the most advanced technology available to even the playing field between the firm and the multibillion-dollar corporations which it sues.  Prior to founding this firm, Justinian Lane spent ten years working in the technology sector and he uses that experience to make sure the lawyers at this firm are armed with the best tools possible to do their job.

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