Does My Insurance Cover Me In A Car I Am Borrowing?

Generally the answer is no. But it depends on your particular auto insurance policy.

Under Texas law, the driver who caused an auto accident is known as the at-fault driver.

Texas traffic and liability laws make at-fault drivers legally and financially responsible for injuries and damage resulting from the accidents they cause. That includes bodily injuries and property damage to the other driver(s), passengers and pedestrians, as well as property damage like car repairs.

Vehicle Insurance In Texas Usually Follows the Vehicle (Not The Driver)

In Texas, most auto insurance policies cover accidents caused by a particular vehicle. In legal terms, this is referred to as insurance following the vehicle.

If you are the insured driver, you will be covered while driving that vehicle. But unless you have special coverage in your policy, it will not cover you while you are driving other vehicles. In Texas, the insurance usually does not follow the driver.

In some cases, your auto insurance policy may cover automobiles you rent. But borrowed vehicles are another matter. You may be responsible for paying for damages you caused.

However, if you borrowed a vehicle and caused an accident in Texas, you may be covered under the borrowed vehicle’s insurance policy. It depends on the terms of the particular insurance policy in your case.Check with your insurance provider.

Some Texas Auto Insurance Policies Cover Permissive Drivers

Auto insurance policies generally name the people who are allowed to drive the vehicle. They are known as insured drivers, and the policy will cover accidents they cause while driving the insured vehicle.

Most auto insurance companies in Texas offer policies that allow the owner to lend the vehicle to a non-insured driver. The driver who borrows the vehicle (with permission) is known as a permissive driver.

Many Texas auto insurance policies will cover accidents caused by permissive drivers. However, this coverage usually costs more, and many people do not purchase it.

Before borrowing someone else’s vehicle, you should make sure the borrowed vehicle’s auto insurance covers permissive drivers.

If the borrowed vehicle does not cover permissive drivers, you may consider renting a vehicle instead.

Even if the borrowed vehicle covers permissive drivers, you may want to obtain written permission to drive the vehicle, signed by the owner. This could be useful if you are involved in an accident. It can prove you were an authorized permissive driver under the borrowed vehicle’s insurance policy.

If you were in a Texas auto accident in a borrowed vehicle, it is important to understand the appropriate laws so you can make an informed decision.

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