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The Round Rock personal injury law firm of Justinian & Associates fights exclusively for injured victims. Battling bullies and uncooperative insurance companies is our forte. Securing millions of dollars for our clients and seeing that justice is done is our foundation. When “looking for an injury lawyer near me” is top of mind, let us be your first contact.

Why contact us? For starters, we offer an entirely free no-obligation consultation with a seasoned personal injury attorney. Not a “screener” like other firms. We’ll listen to the details of your personal injury case and explain your rights under U.S. and Texas law. And unless we get you compensation, you pay nothing.

Contact us for a free case evaluation. We’re here to listen 24/7.

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    Four Important Reasons Why You Should Talk To
    A Round Rock Personal Injury Lawyer

    There are many reasons to speak to a personal injury attorney if you have been injured in an accident in Round Rock:

    There is a lot of fallout after an accident. Even a minor car accident or motorcycle accident can involve repairs, missed work, or other obligations.  You’ll need money for medical expenses. Even when you believe that an auto accident was not your fault, there are many details that must be handled. You may be too busy or injured to properly deal with all the steps needed to receive fair compensation.

    Also, you may be dealing with a grievous harm or even the wrongful death of a loved one. As a result, you might not be emotionally or mentally ready or able to make complex decisions — financial or otherwise —  on your own.

    A Round Rock personal injury attorney from Justinian & Associates can meet you wherever you need. We can negotiate with the insurance company to have your property repaired. And if you have been injured in an accident, we’ll seek to ensure that your medical bills and injury are compensated fairly under Texas law.

    If you have been injured in an accident in Round Rock, knowing best what to do means understanding all available options. That involves (1) hearing all the facts; (2) understanding the applicable law; and perhaps most importantly, (3) knowing how the legal system works.

    Even if the facts are on your side, you have to be able to prove them, which can involve subpoenaing documents to prove road conditions, medical authorities to testify about injuries, or engineering experts and technological visual aids to reconstruct accidents for a jury.

    The laws can be complex, and the negotiation process can be tricky. Under the Texas rules of evidence, you can’t use an insurance company’s settlement offer as proof they know their client caused the accident. But an insurance company attorney can use your apology after a car accident to claim you were at fault and deny coverage. Insurance adjusters often do that to lowball the settlement, and unless you understand the rules, it’s really not a fair fight.

    In fact the most basic reason to talk to a personal injury lawyer if you have been in an accident is that the odds are stacked against you without one.

    Large insurance companies and corporate defendants have departments of high-priced attorneys, set on convincing you to accept as little money as they can. Pressure tactics are not uncommon, and many of our clients come to us after an insurance company refused to cover their medical bills.

    Even if attorneys or insurance adjusters personally feel compassion for your pain and suffering, as representatives of the company, they will use any statements you make, or legal theories they can construct, to deny or reduce compensation. It’s nothing personal, it’s their job.

    But don’t face your legal adversaries alone.

    When they treat your claim as a set of numbers in their quarterly spreadsheet, or accuse you of causing the accident, or don’t return your calls, let us intervene.

    Because no matter the case, the cost, the time, or the size and strength of our adversaries, we never stop working, with only one target in our sight: justice for our clients, whatever that means for them.

    Although your injury may be the most pressing matter in your life, insurance adjusters have piles of accident cases on their desks, and they have two goals: (1) get you to sign a settlement as fast as possible, (2) for the lowest compensation they can convince you to accept.

    A personal injury attorney presents your side of the story, and considers all the ways you are affected by the accident. These include losing wages and income, and the cost of therapeutic care for ongoing pain.

    No wonder that a widelycited study of nationwide auto accident settlement data demonstrated that auto accident victims represented by an attorney are generally compensated about three times higher than those without one. In fact, eighty-five percent of auto insurance company payments for bodily injury are made to victims who hired a lawyer to represent them in the negotiations.

    At Justinian & Associates, our entire legal practice is devoted to laws that protect people who were injured in an accident victims. It’s all we do. We do not chase ambulances, or look to make a quick buck by shaking down businesses. But the law is designed to protect injured victims from the carelessness and bad acts of others, and our goal is to ensure our clients receive that protection.

    A Round Rock Personal Injury Law Firm That Puts Your Needs First

    Whether your case involves negotiating by phone or pursuing a full trial in court, a Round Rock personal injury lawyer from Justinian & Associates is equipped with the experience and resources to aggressively assert your rights. You decide what the mission is, you decide when it is accomplished.

    Litigation can be a lengthy and challenging process, and it makes sense that some people are reluctant to initiate a lawsuit. Maybe you’re self-reliant, or just don’t like to rock the boat. If you are healing from an injury or have mounting bills, you may need compensation as quickly as possible.

    But speaking to an attorney does not mean you are going to be suing anyone.

    Consulting Justinian & Associates about your injury means getting your story on record, and having an experienced personal injury attorney patiently explain your options.

    We understand that settling out of court is often faster, less stressful, and just as rewarding as a trial by jury. So you will never feel pressure from us to pursue a case or demand more money. Because Justinian & Associates is not in the business of suing people. We are in the business of protecting victims.

    We’re also here to answer any of your questions. Such as “When is a car considered totaled in Texas?” Or, “Is renter’s insurance required in Texas?”

    You Pay Nothing Unless We Win Your Case. (But We Usually Win)

    We work only on a contingency-fee basis, meaning our pay is contingent upon whether we recover money for you or not. So if we work on your case and fail, you won’t owe a dime.

    No amount of money can replace a loved one or reverse a debilitating injury or illness. But a settlement can help pay for your medical bills, lost wages or damaged property. If you are suffering from physical or emotional pain as a result of your injuries, we can help. Compensation from those who cause your injury can help you get therapeutic support and other assistance needed to cope with the fallout of your injury and trauma.

    And even if you choose not to bring a lawsuit, having an attorney can often increase the amount of compensation you receive. Telling your story will cost you nothing, but not knowing what the law says about your case could have real consequences. Call for a free consultation.

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