It’s no secret that veterans are often overlooked by the country they spent years serving. Once they’re out of the military, they can feel forgotten and cast aside. Military veterans rarely leave their years of service without any type of injury or disability. The steps required for disability benefits are often unnecessarily convoluted and frustrating.

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Veterans deserve the utmost respect, not only for their tireless service but for their dedication to the country and to the values that make the United States the land of the free. It’s the least we can do afterward to care for these members of society and ensure they’re receiving the benefits that they’re entitled to. 

Denied Claims and Repeated Appeals

Veteran Affairs claims can become backlogged with thousands submitted every year. It can be difficult to explain the visceral frustration that many veterans have to swallow when dealing with the VA, especially to those who have never experienced it firsthand. After retiring from the military, veterans have to continue fighting to receive medical care and the compensation they need to afford it.

With upwards of 70% of claims resulting in a denial, an experienced attorney can ensure that everything is correctly filed to minimize the likelihood of automatic rejection. The appeals process can take years and many veterans are unable to work during the interim period, due to their injuries, chronic pain, and mental illnesses like posttraumatic stress disorder.

Injuries that are numerous or complex will inevitably take more time to go through the VA’s process. This can be aggravating and vets may even feel forgotten during the decision period. Sometimes, the medical evidence provided isn’t enough and sometimes it’s too much. Veterans are left scratching their heads, wondering if they filled everything out correctly and if they’ll be required to do it all over again. This is why it’s best to not try to navigate the system alone.

 Justinian & Associates Veterans Practice

Amber Pang Parra - Justinian & Associates Austin personal injury lawyer
Amber Pang Parra of Justinian & Associates

At Justinian & Associates, we believe that veterans deserve the best possible service and this includes legal help. Amber M. Pang Parra heads our veterans department and has years of experience fighting for the underdog. She’s served many military and ex-military clients with fierce determination that embodies the spirit of our law firm.

Justinian & Associates stands wholeheartedly behind the cause of getting veterans their disability compensation. We strive to help military vets fight legal issues year after year, and have for well over a decade. We don’t believe in forcing veterans to wait for additional months or even years to receive what’s rightfully theirs.

While an attorney is not required to seek damages , the complicated process can go much more smoothly and quickly with someone who understands legal jargon and who has been through the process time and again. 

While the VA is a great source of care for many veterans, it’s well known that the department can take its time in dispersing fair compensation. The recent Camp Lejeune Justice Act is an example of one such long fight to receive entitlements for injuries. Those who spent time at the base between the years of 1953 and 1987 and have since been diagnosed with a qualifying medical condition may be entitled to significant compensation due to the contaminated water on the base.

At Justinian & Associates, we’ll help you determine your eligibility for compensation. For those who were exposed to Agent Orange, the toxic herbicide used in the ‘60s and ‘70s during the Vietnam War, financial distributions have been made to those suffering from resulting complications. Traces of Agent Orange can still be found in rural Vietnam today and it has been known to cause neural issues, tumors, and various types of cancer.

Agent Orange was said to be harmless at the time but as more veterans became ill, this was difficult to believe. The claims for Agent Orange injuries began in 1977, though many were denied. Studies have shown that conditions related to the exposure may take years to develop, and in 1991, Congress acted to protect these veterans who had been misled.

Another claim that veterans may qualify for is if they’ve been exposed to the drug, Mefloquine. This substance was intended to help U.S. military members avoid contracting malaria, which it did. However, additional side effects proved to be harmful and many service members suffered from exacerbated psychological distress including mood swings, anxiety, panic attacks, and even an increased risk of suicide.

For those who served in the military from the year 1990 onward, there may be signs of Gulf War Syndrome caused by sarin gas which was used in bombings in Iraq and Afghanistan. This illness can result in debilitating chronic symptoms such as dizziness, fatigue, memory problems, and respiratory complications. These signs can take years to materialize and they may leave veterans rushing for medical care without the funds to pay for it.

Veterans shouldn’t have to take on debt to pay for the conditions and injuries they’re suffering from due to their time tirelessly fighting for their country. More often than not, they’re entitled to fair compensation and there is help available for filing claims and wading through legal issues. 

How We Can Help

Worried US Veteran suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.

Veterans not only have to live with post-traumatic stress disorder and other hardships from their years of service, which often go unnoticed or ignored by society, but they also have to handle the bureaucratic system that results in weeks, months, and even years of delays and/or denials. Our veterans deserve better and they deserve timely and adequate help.

At J&A, we believe in fighting for the individuals who have fought to keep us free. We’ll ensure your story is heard, your injuries are addressed, and you receive the compensation that you deserve for your service.

There’s nothing to fear when reaching out to us for legal assistance, as we don’t get paid until you cash your check. This contingency allows us to best serve you, and to ensure you receive what you’re legally eligible for without worrying about upfront costs. Need help? Don’t delay. Give us a call today.