Texas personal injury law firm Justinian & Associates is making waves for its early adoption of critical case management software.

Earlier this summer, Filevine featured J&A in an exclusive study, showing how we use their technology to better defend the wounded.

The study featured Justinian & Associates personal injury attorney Amber M. Pang Parra, who works mostly out of our office in San Antonio. Pang Parra explained that using Filevine has facilitated rapid communications and better organizational capability.

In doing so, Filevine has saved her team—and her clients—tens of thousands of dollars.

One of Justinian & Associates’ most effective Warriors for the Injured, Amber M. Pang Parra has a storied career in representing clients injured in mass tort cases.

A mass tort is a lawsuit that lets a group of plaintiffs combine the cases of many different people who were hurt by the same defendant. The cases are combined to save time and money for clients and the court.

Mass Tort Cases Often Involve Hundreds or even Thousands of Clients.

Mass tort cases combine many individual legal cases because some of the facts overlap. For example, if a medication failed to warn people of a known side effect, all the people harmed by the medication must show it did not carry a warning.

Each case must be proven individually, so the documents quickly pile up.

Case management is extremely important to achieving success. Fortunately for her many clients (and for Justinian & Associates), managing large, complicated cases is one of Amber’s great strengths.

Amber’s skills are recognized throughout her industry, and she has been selected to steer large mass tort cases on behalf of other attorneys and their clients.

Amber’s reputation as an organized, meticulous professional has remained a well-established fact among all who have worked with her. “Amber is not only a meticulous and organized attorney—she is the most organized person I’ve ever met!” observed Dustin Fox, managing partner for Justinian & Associates.

“Amber is not only a meticulous and organized attorney—she is the most organized person I’ve ever met!” observed Dustin Fox, managing partner for Justinian & Associates.

Amber focuses on helping the most vulnerable communities.

Amber worked for at-risk and underserved populations, even before becoming a lawyer.

The spirit of helping others runs through Amber’s career. In addition to her successful legal practice, Amber has donated hundreds of hours of free legal services to those in need. She has been honored by many organizations for her giving, including the receiving Hawaii State Judiciary Group Meritorious Service Award.

Even the most killed warrior needs the right equipment.

Since Amber works with some of America’s most vulnerable and deserving communities—from impoverished peoples hurt by bad practice, to injured veterans seeking recompense for their hard-fought service—it is imperative she gives the best representation.

For a long time, Amber kept most of her case data stored in an “internal knowledge” bank: an effective strategy for an effective and talented attorney.

But as her practice has continued to expand, Amber decided to seek outside help to improve her reach and more effectively manage her quickly growing client list.

Amber took a methodical approach to improving her case management.

A long-time martial arts practitioner, Amber is a natural warrior, but she is meticulous and careful in her advocacy. Amber focuses on developing effective techniques to fight for her clients.

To that end, Pang Parra spent close to six months sorting through different solutions: ways to not only keep her case information organized, but to ensure that her support staff had the right tools to help clients get justice.

After a half-year of deliberation, tests, and trials, Amber decided to start working with Filevine to better streamline her work.

Filevine was eager to develop its own knowledge base with insights from an experienced mass torts attorney like Amber.

So earlier this year, Justinian & Associates attorney Amber M. Pang Parra was featured in a Filevine case study, exemplifying the technology’s time-saving features.

Amber’s robust legal practice has shown how Filevine can be used to save her firm—and clients—time and money.

What Filevine Does

Filevine is a novel, cloud-based form of case management technology. Made specifically for law firms and legal practices, Filevine collects and centralizes disparate aspects of case management in a single place. Among the software’s most effective capabilities is automation: it can automatically track workflows, facilitates rapid attorney-client communications, and generate documents en masse.

Filevine has other tools, too–alongside its document generation feature, it also lets clients receive and sign important papers by sending a selfie for verification.

How Filevine Offers an Advantage for Mass Tort Attorneys

As a seasoned mass torts attorney, Amber often represents clients in many related lawsuits filed against a single, negligent entity.

Filing an individual lawsuit can be costly, so mass tort attorneys like Pang Parra use their clients’ combined resources to maximize compensation for each plaintiff individually.

Needless to say, handling mass torts can be difficult, time-consuming, and complex—even for the best lawyers.

Amber M. Pang Parra’s Mass Torts Practice Showcases Filevine’s Efficiency

Speaking to Filevine, Amber noted that the technology enables an easier approach to high-touch service, a practical necessity for attorneys who must communicate with hundreds of clients on a regular basis.

“Using the task flow feature on Filevine, I can bulk generate letters, texts, or emails to contact each case every 30 days, minimum,” Amber told Filevine.

“Using the task flow feature on Filevine, I can bulk generate letters, texts, or emails to contact each case every 30 days, minimum,” Amber told Filevine.

Amber further highlighted Filevine’s ability to organize complex relationships.

As part of her work as a mass torts attorney, Amber and her team must offer client referrals, establish joint ventures with other firms, calculate fee-sharing schedules, and more.

Filevine helped Amber not only generate documents and store pertinent case information in a central, easily accessible location, but coordinate firm resource allocation, too. 

Filevine’s advantages go beyond convenience—the cloud-based software lets Amber save money as well.

For instance, mass tort litigation often targets bad actors in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. In order to evidence client claims of ill health and injury, it is often necessary to peruse medical records.

Traditionally, many law firms have gone through middle-men: commercial companies that do the hard, tedious work of sending records requests to hospitals and other health care providers.

  • While a single records request may not be expensive, the costs can quickly add up when hundreds of clients’ health and financial well-being hangs in the balance.
  • But Amber used Filevine’s document generation and tasks flows to request electronic HITECH records automatically. Within a year, she had saved her clients tens of thousands of dollars.

“The first year, we saved over $60,000 in medical records requests after we transitioned from using commercial records service to managing it in-house,” Amber said.

“The first year, we saved over $60,000 in medical records requests after we transitioned from using commercial records service to managing it in-house,” Amber said.

Using Technology to Further Growth

Amber is always looking for ways to streamline her workflow, but with a busy practice, she doesn’t always have time to explore new methods.

But using Filevine’s cloud-based technology, Amber developed her case management capabilities. Filevine enabled Justinian & Associates to communicate with hundreds of clients, coordinate staff, and organize the documents needed to take on powerful defendants.

In real ways, the Filevine management software helped Amber M. Pang Parra to expand her practice, adding to the list of clients helped by Justinian & Associates.

Within a year of adopting Filevine, Amber began taking on more veterans.

Amber says that, even as she continues to broaden the scope of her business, she has no doubt that Filevine will be able to accommodate her demand.

Filevine grows with us,” Amber said. “As we’ve added veterans law work—I know I’ll easily be able to adapt our system to handle new work and requirements.”

“Warriors For The Injured”

From Texas to Round Rock to San Antonio, Justinian & Associates has long been one of Texas’s most effective personal injury law firms for nearly a decade. We pride ourselves on our commitment to our clients, having helped thousands of Texans stand up to corporate bullies, reckless behavior and intransigent insurance companies.

Our only goal is justice for our clients, whatever that means for them.

Amber’s early adoption of Filevine has already shown great promise: it has streamlined Justinian & Associates’ firm operations, and—most importantly—saved our clients a lot of time and a lot of money.

If you have been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence or dangerous behavior, contact us for a free consultation.

Learn more about Amber M. Pang Parra’s use of Filevine technology to streamline and organize her legal practice at Justinian & Associates.