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Defective Medical Devices


Defective and recalled medical devices

When dealing with a defective or recalled medical implant or device, you’re faced with a variety of issues, including:

  • Removal and recovery of the defective device;
  • Rest and recuperation after undergoing corrective surgery; and
  • Support during and after your time of recovery.

When you’re without an attorney, not only does it fall on you to navigate this new and often intimidating system alone, but you’re forced to do it while you’re at your most vulnerable.

You need someone in your corner who is not only familiar with the process, but who can foresee and cover your possible legal needs throughout your recovery and beyond.

Helping you with cases involving the following medical devices:

  • Stryker hip replacement;
  • Zimmer hip and knee replacement;
  • DePuy hip replacement;
  • Zimmer Durom Cup hip replacement;
  • Zimmer NexGen knee replacement; and
  • Transvaginal Surgical Mesh.

By taking care of your legal needs while you focus on recovery, we help you cope with the physical and emotional drain that defective devices can cause. We can even work with your primary care doctor to document your case.

From there, we will use our extensive experience and resources to help seek fair compensation from every possible individual and company involved, so that your medical and financial needs can be met.

We have experience battling the largest and toughest biomedical companies across Texas and nationwide. Let us bring you the justice and peace of mind you deserve.

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