Will My Auto Insurance Rates Go Up If I File A Claim? What About For PIP?

Under Texas law, auto insurance companies can raise your rates at any time.

In many cases, they will raise your rates after an accident, even if you did not cause the collision. If you did cause the accident, you can usually expect your insurance rates to be raised by the company.

Personal Injury Protection insurance (PIP) covers your medical bills even if you caused the accident. But if you file a claim under your PIP policy, the insurance company will usually raise your rates.

Sometimes insurance companies raise rates just for discussing an accident with them, even when you do not file a claim.

That’s why after a Texas auto accident, you may want to speak with a Texas personal injury attorney first to discuss your options.

Texas Insurance Requirements Do Not Cover the At-Fault Driver’s Injuries and Damages

Under Section 601.072 of the Texas Transportation Code, drivers must have minimum insurance coverage. This is known as liability insurance. If you caused an auto accident, auto liability insurance will pay for damages to the other cars, drivers, passengers and pedestrians injured in the accident.

Texas requires more coverage than many other states. But even these amounts may not cover all the damages and injuries after a Texas auto accident. That is why the Texas Department of Insurance advises drivers to obtain additional insurance.

But if you are the at-fault driver in a Texas auto accident, even additional liability insurance will not cover your medical bills and vehicle repairs. That is why most auto insurance companies also offer Personal Injury Protection (PIP).

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Is Auto Insurance to Cover The Driver’s Injuries

PIP is Personal Injury Protection auto insurance. It covers your bodily injuries if you are in an auto accident, even if it was your fault. In Texas, your insurance company is required to offer it. But you are not required to purchase it.

Other Types of Auto Insurance In Texas

Liability auto insurance generally only covers damages to the other driver, passengers, pedestrians and vehicles. That is why Texas insurance authorities recommend you purchase additional auto insurance:

  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

    PIP covers damage to the insured driver, even if that driver caused the accident. Your insurance company must offer it under Texas law. You do not have to purchase it, but it may be a good idea in case you cause a Texas auto accident.
  • Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist Coverage

    The driver who causes an auto accident is known as the at-fault driver.

    Sometimes the at-fault has no insurance. Sometimes the at-fault driver’s insurance policy does not have enough coverage for your medical bills and car repairs. Texas insurance minimums are higher than some states, but medical costs have only skyrocketed in the past few decades.

    You can sue the at-fault driver personally for your bills. But even if you obtain a money judgment from the court, many at-fault drivers do not have enough money to pay for the damages. They may go bankrupt, but you will still be left with your bills unpaid.

    Uninsured / Underinsured motorist coverage will pay for your injuries and repairs if the at-fault driver does not have enough insurance or money to pay your bills.
  • Medical Payments Insurance

    Many medical payments insurance policies cover your medical bills, even if you caused the accident.
  • Collision Insurance (to repair your vehicle)

    Collision Insurance will pay for repairs to your vehicle, even if you caused the accident.

Note that if you file a claim under any of these types of insurance policies, you can usually expect your rates to rise.

But it may be worth it, if you need the money to repair your vehicle or pay medical bills. Your premiums are spread over the course of a year, while your medical and repair bills may need to be paid immediately.

A Texas Personal Injury Attorney Can Protect Your Rights in the Settlement

Insurance companies generally offer as little as possible. In order to receive higher compensation from the insurance company, the company has to believe that you have a strong case. They know that if you file a lawsuit, the company may end up paying much more.

Insurance company studies show that auto accident victims who are represented by an attorney receive much higher settlements than victims without an attorney. In fact, most of the money paid out by insurance companies is given to people with attorneys.

Even if you have no intention of filing a suit, a Texas personal injury lawyer can help negotiate with the insurance company.

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