What if I’m hit by someone in a rental car?

Auto accidents in Texas that involve rental vehicles are in many ways the same as any other vehicular accident. However, there may be some differences you should consider if you were involved in a collision with someone in a rental car.

After an auto accident in Texas, the driver who is at-fault for the accident must pay for harm caused by the accident. This might include property damage and injuries to the other driver, passengers or bystanders involved in the collision.

Therefore, the driver who caused an auto accident in a rented vehicle must pay for damages caused by the accident. That driver is at-fault.

The Rental Car Driver is required to have insurance.

All Texas drivers are required to carry liability auto insurance, with certain minimum coverage. This covers the bodily injuries and property damage that results from that driver’s accident.

But if the driver of a rented vehicle did not purchase rental insurance, the driver’s personal auto insurance may not cover the accident.

Even if the driver’s insurance policy does cover the accident, the policy might not provide enough coverage to pay for all the damage.

In those cases, the at-fault driver may be financially responsible to pay for the rest. You might have to demand that the driver pay for your damages personally.

That may involve filing a lawsuit.

Rental Companies may be partly responsible for the accidents caused by a mechanical failure of their vehicles

When at-fault drivers do not have enough money to pay for the damage (or even a car to sell) they cause, the injured victims may be left without any compensation for their medical bills and car repairs.

But if the driver’s accident was caused by a mechanical malfunction, the person or company that rented the vehicle might also be partly responsible.

Texas law requires that automobile owners maintain their vehicles in a safe condition. This includes replacing worn out parts like brake pads and tires. It also includes maintaining working lights (signals, headlamps, warning lights).

If the accident was the result of the vehicle’s unsafe condition at the time it was rented, you might have to demand the rental company pay for your injuries, medical bills and property damage like repairing your vehicle.

There are many factors to consider if you were in an accident with a driver in a rented vehicle in Texas. These cases can get quite complicated. Insurance companies and rental agencies can deny coverage or refuse responsibility.

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