What do I do if the other driver fled the scene?

If anyone is injured by the accident, immediately call 911 and report that someone is hurt.

Any Texas car accident can throw a wrench in your plans. But a hit and run accident, when the other driver flees the scene without giving any information, is often especially disturbing.

Hit and Run Accidents in Texas are All Too Common

Many times drivers flee the scene after they have caused the accident. Some are hoping to escape responsibility for your bodily injuries or property damage. Sometimes hit and run drivers are intoxicated, and want to avoid a drunk driving arrest.

Others may not have a valid driver’s license, or auto insurance. Some are even wanted by law enforcement, or are driving a car they took without permission by the owner.

Regrettably, hit and run car accidents in Texas are not unusual. Texas Department of Public Safety records show that Texas has had a steady rise in the number of the last decade. In the past few years, several pedestrians have even been killed in Texas hit and run accidents.

Steps to Take After a Hit and Run Automobile Accident in Texas

After a hit and run accident, you will want to identify and find the driver that fled. This is the only way to protect your legal rights and make the hit and run driver pay for your injuries and property damage.

Finding a hit and run driver is not easy. But after the accident, you should collect as much information about the other vehicle and the accident as possible:

Identify the Other Vehicle in an Texas hit and run auto accident

  • Write down the make, model and color of the car
  • Write down any distinguishing features of the vehicle or driver
  • Try to see the license plate and write down what you can remember

Engage Law Enforcement to Report the Hit and Run

Call 911 and report that you have been in a hit and run accident and that the other driver fled the scene. Tell the law enforcement officer all the details you can remember.

Identify and Contact Witnesses to the Accident

Are there witnesses to the accident (pedestrian bystanders, other drivers or passengers)? Calmly approach them. Ask if they saw the accident.

Politely ask if they would make a statement to the police when they arrive.

Locate Surveillance Video of the Accident

These days, many businesses use surveillance cameras to help protect their security. In many cases, this footage can be used to identify hit and run drivers and vehicles. Video footage can be paused to show the license plate, or a hit and run driver’s face.

In some cases, the video owners will let you examine the footage if you approach them politely. However, in some cases, surveillance video can also be subpoenaed – that means you  can ask a Texas state court to order the video’s owner to let you examine it.

Finding an Texas Auto Accident Attorney to Help

Unfortunately, Texas and Texas law enforcement have no shortage of crimes and problems to investigate. In many cases, they do not have the resources to track down and locate hit and run vehicles and drivers.

Even with a license plate, in many hit and run accidents you’re on your own.

An Texas auto accident attorney from Justinian & Associates can help. Our personal injury attorneys have represented many injured car accident victims. We know the steps and tricks needed to engage the law enforcement system. We can try to get access to photos or video footage, and use a subpoena if needed.

And when we locate them, we can contact drivers who fled and hold them responsible. Sometimes this just requires a letter, sometimes a lawsuit. But whatever is needed, we are fearless and relentless in pursuing justice for our clients, whatever that means for them.

Justinian & Associates offers an entirely free consultation, and we will explain your options under Texas law. If you have been in a hit and run auto accident, call, text or email us today.