Should I get my car checked out after an accident?

It is always a good idea to get your car checked out after an auto accident. Your vehicle’s engine and steering can be majorly damaged by even a minor impact.

Small cracks, leaks and dislodged parts can lead to misalignment, a loss of power and even engine or powertrain failure. Many of these are critical safety matters that could lead to being stranded or the loss of control over your vehicle.

In addition, your vehicle can lose value from cosmetic damage.

And if you have been in a car accident in Texas, the insurance laws of Texas permit you to choose which mechanic you use for your repairs. So you can at least have your automobile examined by a licensed mechanic that you trust.

At worst, you will have peace of mind that your vehicle is in safe and working order.

Cosmetic Damage After a Vehicular Collision Can Devalue Your Automobile

The value of your car may be diminished if you have cosmetic damage like:

  • Dents
  • Scraped / scratched / chipped paint
  • Broken or bent lights and mirrors

Mechanical Damage Can Be Hard To Detect Without Proper Inspection

More importantly, even “fender-benders” and other minor car accidents can damage your vehicle in ways that make it unsafe to drive:

  • Engine Overheating
    Even a minor collision can crack or damage your vehicle’s cooling system, including the radiator, fan and coolant lines. If the system malfunctions, your engine could suddenly overheat.
  • Power Steering Problems
    Damage to the power steering system can include a cracked power steering fluid hose. If the hose leaks too much fluid, you may lose power steerin. The steering wheel could suddenly become unable to turn while driving.
  • Misaligned Wheels Or Axle
    A vehicular impact does not need to be strong to throw off a vehicle’s alignment.Misalignment can cause a vehicle to pull to one side. A drive has to compensate for the automobile’s misdirection. It becomes difficult to stay in the lane, and poses a major safety concern.
  • Failed Powertrain
    A vehicle’s powertrain transmits power from the engine to the axles.

    The powertrain includes many components and hoses, mounted to various brackets. If any one of these parts is damaged or dislodged by a vehicle accident, the powertrain may leak fluid or vibrate improperly.

    Over time, this can lead to total failure of the powertrain. The car could suddenly lose power and control.
  • Battery
    A vehicle battery can be dislodged or moved by even a small auto collision. The sediment inside the battery can short out the lead plates. Your battery could die without warning, leaving you stranded.

Even if your Texas auto accident was minor, you should probably have your automobile examined after a collision.

If you are unsure of who will pay for repairs, speak to a Texas car accident attorney.

You may have rights you do not know about, and may be entitled to compensation by an insurance policy or employer of the at-fault driver.