Should I contact the other driver’s insurance company?

You do not have to. In fact, after an auto accident in Texas, you should generally not say anything to the other driver’s insurance company before consulting a Texas personal injury attorney.

However, after an auto accident you should contact your own insurance company.

Many insurance companies have timelines that require you to file a claim within a certain time period. The time period depends on your insurance company and your particular policy. But contact them as soon as possible to understand your situation and rights.

Your insurance company may advise you that you can file a lawsuit against the other driver and the other driver’s insurance company to recover compensation for your property damage and injuries. If so, consult a Texas personal injury attorney to discuss your options.

If you do speak to the other driver’s insurance company representative, say as little as possible.

After an auto accident, an insurance adjuster will usually investigate how the accident happened, and who was at fault. They also examine what property damage and bodily injuries resulted from the accident.

Most people can be quite shaken after an accident. If you were injured, you may be in the hospital or on pain medication.

When you feel up to it, it is important to recollect your thoughts and see what you remember. You may want to do so without someone watching your every word for something they can use against you.

The other driver’s insurance company representative may try to use the words you say to claim you were at fault.  Like most businesses, insurance companies are driven by profit. Lower settlements mean higher profits.

It’s not personal. It’s business. But that is why you should be cautious if you speak to an insurance representative. In order to protect your own rights.

Warriors For The Injured: An Texas Personal Injury Attorney On Your Side

Keep in mind that you do not have to speak to the insurance company at all.

Simply contact an Texas personal injury attorney from Justinian & Associates, and we will contact the other driver’s insurance company for you.

And before we contact them, we will listen to and understand your story. We will investigate the accident and gather evidence so we can protect your rights.

We stand our ground, and explain to the company why Texas law says they have to compensate your injuries. We demand justice, whatever that means for you.

Call, text or email us for a free consultation. We can meet you wherever is convenient. We will listen to your story, and explain your rights under the law.

No obligation. And unless we get you money for your injuries, you never owe us any fee. Contact Justinian & Associates.