Should I Buy The Extra Insurance From A Rental Agency?

Under Texas law, if you were in an auto accident in Texas while driving a rented vehicle, you may have to pay for any bodily injuries and property damage resulting from the accident. Your personal auto insurance may not cover accidents you cause in the rental car. It depends on the details of your insurance policy. So it may be a good idea to purchase extra insurance from the rental agency.

Many Auto Insurance Policies in Texas Will Cover Accidents You Cause While Driving a Rental Car

However, not all Texas auto insurance policies include such coverage.

If you are renting a motor vehicle in Texas, speak to your auto insurance company or check your policy. You may want to purchase rental insurance from the rental company.

If you do purchase additional rental vehicle insurance, be sure to mention that to your insurance company when reporting the accident.

Many auto rental agreements let you purchase a damage waiver

A damage waiver is the rental agency’s agreement that you will not be charged for damage to the rental car.

But a damage waiver is not insurance, and will not pay money you owe to other drivers, passengers or pedestrians for their injuries from the auto accident.

Even if you purchase a damage waiver, unless your insurance policy covers vehicles you rent, you may want to purchase the rental agency’s insurance.

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