My Car Had Special Value, Can I Claim That?

Not usually, at least under Texas law.

In an Texas auto accident lawsuit, the victim’s property damage is typically limited to the actual cash value of the vehicle (also called the fair market value.)

In Texas, Sentimental Value Of Damaged Property Only Applies If The Property’s Market Value Cannot Be Determined

In unusual circumstances, the damaged property’s fair market value cannot be determined. Perhaps a priceless family heirloom was destroyed.

Only when the market value is not clear will courts look at other reasons (known as extrinsic factors) to decide what the damaged property was worth.

The Market Value Of An Automobile In Texas Is Fairly Easy To Determine

Texas courts have lots of evidence to figure out a damaged automobile’s value before the accident:

  • Texas Auto Industry (dealerships, newspaper ads, expert testimony)
  • The Kelley Blue Book vehicle valuation guide
  • Online Advertisements (, Craig’s List)

The court (or an insurance company) will usually be able to figure out what a vehicle was worth before it was damaged. This includes a used vehicle’s depreciation from its purchase price.

Learn more about how courts and insurance companies decide the value of your damaged vehicle here.

Compensation For Your Damaged Vehicle After An Texas Auto Accident

If you have been in a vehicular collision in the Texas area, speak to an Texas car accident lawyer to understand your rights under Texas law.

You may be entitled to more compensation for your damaged vehicle than the insurance company is offering.

An Texas auto collision attorney can help make sure you get all the money you deserve under Texas law.

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