In Texas, can I receive more money if my car is worth less after it is repaired (Diminished Value?)

Yes. Under Texas law, if your vehicle was damaged in a Texas auto accident, you can often recover additional money if your repaired car will be worth less than it was worth before the accident.

This is known as your vehicle’s diminished value.

Learn more about how courts and insurance companies decide the value of your damaged vehicle here.

Most insurance companies usually do not offer to pay for the diminished value of your damaged vehicle. You usually have to fight for it.

Insurance companies are businesses.

Like all businesses, insurance companies want to maximize profit, and that means trying to settle insurance claims for as little money as they can convince the injured person to accept. Many times their settlement offer is less than your actual loss.

So if you have been in a vehicular collision in the Texas area, speak to a Texas car accident lawyer to understand your rights under Texas law. You may be entitled to more compensation for your damaged vehicle than the insurance company is offering. A Texas auto collision attorney can help make sure you get all the money you deserve under Texas law.

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