If I hire a lawyer, do I have to sue?

No. Most disagreements settle out of court.

Litigation can be a long and challenging process. It’s understandable that some people don’t want to file a lawsuit. Maybe the auto accident seems small compared to a three-car pile up. Maybe the victim is just relieved to be healthy.

But speaking to an attorney does not mean you are going to be suing anyone.

An Texas Personal Injury Attorney Helps You With the Settlement Process

Many injured clients do not have to file a lawsuit. When you have been injured, it is often easier and quicker to make an agreement with the person or company that hurt you outside of court. In fact, most car accidents settle outside of court.

Even those who actually file a lawsuit usually settle the case before going to trial.

The settlement process is a discussion between an injured victim and the person or company that caused the accident. They discuss who is at fault, and what the victim should receive.

Many people need help with the settlement process. They may be healing from the injuries, even in the hospital. Most have personal obligations, like work and family.

An attorney can help you through the settlement process, even if you never have to file a lawsuit. One thing is for certain: if you discuss a settlement with an insurance company or other business that is responsible for your injury, they’ll have lawyers.

A Personal Injury Attorney Presents Your Case

Even if you don’t want to sue, the stronger your case, the better a settlement you usually will receive.

Insurers and other companies all know that bigger settlements mean smaller profits for their investors. Their job is to offer as little money as they can convince an injured victim to accept. It’s business, not personal.

But if they believe the evidence shows they are at fault (or the person they insure was at fault), they will offer higher settlements. Because they know that a lawsuit could cost much more.

Insurance adjusters also put pressure on injured people to settle quickly. Adjusters usually have a pile of cases to settle. So part of their job is getting a settlement as fast as possible. An attorney can make the insurance company back off a bit, so you have time to consider your options.

That’s why it is so important to present your case in a convincing way. You must have evidence that supports your version of the facts. You must explain why the law says they are at fault.

Having an attorney also sends a message to the insurance company that you won’t be taken advantage of. In fact, industry studies have shown that injured victims represented by a lawyer get much higher settlements than victims who represent themselves.

Texas personal injury lawyers do more than sue people. They let you get on with your life.

An attorney meets with people, makes phone calls and writes letters on your behalf. If you have been in an auto accident in Texas, they will talk to the other driver’s insurance company and arrange for a rental car.

Sometimes a person does not want to see the person that injured them.

At Justinian & Associates, our attorneys are your warriors, fighting for injured people that need help.

We take on bullies every day, and deliver justice to our clients, whatever that means for them.

Talking to an Texas Personal Injury Attorney Doesn’t Mean Suing Someone

Consulting an attorney about your car accident means getting your story on record, and understanding your options. If you choose to assert your rights, the lawyer can present your case so that your medical bills and injury are compensated fairly.

The Texas personal injury attorneys at Justinian & Associates have the knowledge, experience and resources to present any personal injury case during the settlement process.

And even if you are unhappy with the insurance company’s offer, and decide to pursue your case, we understand that settling a car accident case out of court is typically faster, less stressful, and just as rewarding as a trial by jury.

You will never feel pressure from us to pursue a case or demand more money because we are not in the business of suing people. We are in the business of protecting victims.

Contact us for a free consultation, and we will explain your rights under Texas law.