I was in a car accident, do I need a lawyer?

Hiring an injury lawyer is a decision many people face after they’ve been in a car accident or are injured, maimed, or killed by a defective product or medical device.

Often, an injury lawyer can help solve a lot of problems for you and when you hire our injury lawyers, you never have to pay for any expenses or fees until we win your case since we work on a contingency fee basis.

7 Problems An Texas Car Accident Attorney Can Solve:

1. You need medical treatment but can’t afford it after your accident.

After a car accident, it is vital that you get the proper medical treatment as soon as possible. The sooner you are diagnosed, the sooner healthcare providers can prescribe proper medical treatment to start your healing process. You may even be more injured than you think.

But all of that is easier said than done if you aren’t able to pay for medical treatment.

Fortunately Justinian & Associates can connect you with a network of highly-qualified medical professionals who will treat accident victims with no up-front costs. Instead, the doctors, therapists and other healthcare professionals get paid through what is called a Letter of Protection.

Justinian & Associates can provide you with a Letter of Protection

A Letter of Protection is a letter we send to a medical provider that guarantees if we get a settlement in your personal injury case that we will repay the medical provider out of that settlement. If we aren’t able to get a settlement in your accident case, the medical provider will not be paid.

Medical providers are taking a risk that we can settle your case for a fair dollar amount. They are comfortable taking that risk because we are very good at settling our clients’ car accident cases at fair value.

If you need help getting medical treatment for your injuries after a car accident, call us right now and we will work to get you to the right medical specialists for treatment at no up-front costs to you.

2. You want the other driver to pay for your medical bills.

Many people call our personal injury law firm because they have substantial medical bills after a car accident and want to make sure that those bills are paid.

Healthcare costs have skyrocketed, and unpaid medical bills can ruin your credit. It may be maddening to imagine that happening because of someone else’s careless driving. But instead of getting mad, you should get Justinian & Associates.

We deal with issues like this every day and are skilled at making the at-fault driver pay for our clients’ medical bills after a car accident. If the other driver’s car insurance policy isn’t sufficient to pay for your medical bills, we will work to make your own insurance company cover those bills.

Many of our clients come to us wanting only to get their medical bills paid. They are often surprised when we are able to get their bills paid and put some money in their pocket for their pain and suffering.

If you have medical bills from your car accident, contact us now and we will go to work on making the other driver’s insurance company pay them.

3. You need help getting your car repaired or replaced.

One of the services we provide for free to our car accident clients is working to settle their claim for damage to their vehicle. Even getting an insurance company on the phone can be difficult. Many give you a 6-hour window in which they will call, and if you miss the call, you are put at the back of the line until they try again.

We will make that our problem, not yours. But we can do more:

You can offer recover the diminished value of your repaired vehicle

You probably know that the other driver’s insurance company should pay to repair or replace your car. But you may not know that you could be entitled to an additional payment because a car is worth less after an accident than it was before – even if all the repairs were handled properly.

That’s because fair or not, many people believe that a car is “never the same” after an accident. We often recover “diminished value” settlements to compensate our clients for the loss of value of their vehicle.

And of course, we also work to ensure that the insurance company pays a fair amount to repair or replace your vehicle. If you’re not sure what to do about your damaged car after an accident, our team of car accident lawyers can help. Contact us now for help.

4. You want fair compensation for your pain and suffering.

Many of the injury lawyers and staff members at our law firm have been in car accidents themselves. We know that even minor accidents can cause major pain and suffering. Worse still, that pain can interfere with your activities of everyday life, like walking, shopping, holding your child or pet, and performing your job.

Our car accident lawyers know how to make insurance companies pay fair settlement values for pain and suffering after a car accident. We maintain a very expensive library of settlements from around the country broken down by injury. So we don’t just guess if a settlement offer is fair.

We research it and make sure that the insurance company isn’t trying to settle your claim for less than it is worth. If you’re hurting and don’t know what your car accident case may be worth, please call us now so we can help.

5. You’ve missed work and need to be repaid for your lost wages.

Missing time off of work because of a car accident is annoying. It also can cost you money, because many employers won’t pay workers for time spent at the doctor’s office.

Thankfully, the law requires an at-fault driver to reimburse the innocent driver for his or her lost wages. We will work to make sure that you’re properly compensated for all of the time you take off work due to your car accident.

Contact us now if you’ve missed work because of a car accident and need help getting paid for the hours or days that you missed.

6. You don’t know your rights after an accident.

Few people who get into car accidents know all of their rights and responsibilities. Even those with some knowledge of the law may not be aware of all the rules in this area:

  • Many people know that lawsuits must be filed within a certain period of time. But that amount of time can vary, depending upon whether a government employee or regular citizen caused the accident.
  • Your insurance company has to give you the benefit of “good faith and fair dealing,” while the other driver’s insurance company does not.

Even simple car accident cases can have complicated legal rules involved. Our job is to know those rules and explain them to you.

If you’re got any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us right now for immediate help. The longer you wait, the more you risk waiving your rights and losing your chance to recover for your injuries.

7. You aren’t sure how a lawyer can help you after your car accident

We can’t speak for all personal injury lawyers, but our lawyers here are here to help injured people:

  • We can help you find and pay for medical treatment.
  • We can make sure your car gets repaired or replaced properly and quickly.
  • We work to hold the other driver accountable and make his or her insurance company properly compensate you for your pain & suffering, your medical bills, and your lost wages.
  • We take all of the burden off of you with handling your car accident case. All you have to do is heal. Better still, several studies have shown that individuals who hire a personal injury lawyer end up getting larger settlements for their car accidents than people who do not.

If you don’t know if we can help, why not get in touch and find out?

Our consultations are always free. You can speak to a real personal injury attorney, with knowledge of the law and the experience to evaluate your case.

No one at our law firm will try any “high pressure” tactics to get you to hire our firm.

Really, we are here to help, and sometimes helping just means answering a few questions. Contact Justinian & Associates by phone, email, or text message.