I Was Bitten By A Dog in Texas. What Can I Do?

Some states have laws that protect a dog owner from liability the first time a dog bites. This is sometimes called a one-bite rule.

Texas does not have a one-bite rule. An injured person can sue a dog’s owner even if the dog has never bitten anyone else before.

Any breed of dog can be dangerous, and children are particularly vulnerable. If you or your loved one was bitten or attacked by a dog or other animal, speak to a Texas personal injury attorney about your injuries. Justinian & Associates has represented many injured victims of animal attacks, and can explain your options with no obligation. You can find out more here.

Texas Laws for Dog Bites and Animal Attacks

Under Texas case law, lawsuits for dog bites and animal attacks are generally governed by negligence principles. Negligence is the legal term for carelessness.

Texas negligence laws require dog owners (or handlers) to use ordinary care in order to prevent their dogs from attacking or injuring someone.

But ordinary care depends on the circumstances:

  • If the dog had a violent history, the owner may needed to have been extra careful. The owner (or handler) could have muzzled it, or kept it away from children. The Texas legislature has passed Lillian’s Law, which gives serious penalties to a dog owner if the dog is known to be dangerous.
  • If the dog owner or handler was breaking the law, they might have been negligent. (For example, Texas has strict leash laws – if the dog owner allowed the dog to be off leash and broke the law, an injured victim can often sue and recover for injuries caused by the dog  bite.
  • If you were trespassing or provoking the dog when you were bitten, you may share some of the fault. If you are partially at fault, you may receive less money (or no money) for your injuries under Texas negligence law.

Speak To A Texas Dog Bite Attorney at Justinian & Associates

Dog bite and other animal attack cases can be complex.

If you or a loved one has been bitten or attacked by a dog or other animal, you know how devastating these events can be. If you are faced with injuries and medical bills, you may not want to think about a complicated lawsuit.

But Justinian & Associates understands these areas of law, and have the experience and resources necessary to fight for your rights. Call, text or email us for a free consultation with a seasoned Texas personal injury lawyer (not a “screener”). We can answer any questions you may have.