I know in California, motorcycles are allowed to lane split. Can motorcyclists split lanes in Texas?

Not legally. While California has legalized lane splitting, in Texas lane splitting by motorcycles remains illegal.

A new law was proposed in 2018 to allow lane splitting in Texas. But it has not passed.

What Is Lane Splitting By Motorcyclists?

Lane splitting is a term for when a biker rides a motorcycle over the traffic lines, in between other vehicles. Most do it to save time in traffic.

Is Lane Splitting Dangerous?

Lane splitting can be dangerous. Motorists may not see a bike rider and even with a minor movement can collide with the rider or pin the bike between two vehicles. This can result in a dangerous motorcycle accident.

Many motorcycle advocates say lane splitting increases rider safety by reducing the risk of a rear-end collision. Motorists can misjudge motorcycle stopping times or how much space is needed in front of them. Motorcycle riders are exposed and even a minor impact can cause the bike to go down or lead to other injuries.They might be right. Many studies suggest that lane splitting is safer for motorcycle riders and should be legalized. But for now, lane splitting on your motorcycle remains illegal in the state of Texas, and can result in death or injury in a motorcycle accident.

Lane splitting may be worth legalizing. But it is still currently not legal in Texas.

Anyone doing so may face civil and criminal penalties.

If a motorcyclist is involved in an accident or injury while lane splitting, the motorcyclist may be legally responsible for injuries resulting from the accident. Violating the law can be further evidence that the motorcyclist was at fault.

Be cautious if you choose to lane split as a motorcycle rider in Texas.