Does the trucking company have to pay if their truck driver hit me?

They might have to, if their driver hit you while working for the employer.

Trucking Companies and Employer Law

Trucks are the lifeblood of American business. But with all those millions of 18-wheelers rolling across the country, some accidents are inevitable.

When you are hit by a semi or other commercial truck in Texas, you can sue for your injuries and property damage. In many cases, the trucking company may also be legally responsible.

Employers Often Have to Pay for Injuries Caused By Their Employees

Many laws make an employer legally responsible for injuries caused by their employees. There are very good reasons for this:

Employees Are Often “Judgement Proof”

Even if you win the case, the truck driver may simply not have the money to pay all your bills. Many drivers do not even have a truck to sell. Some work for a trucking company, others lease the truck from its owner.

In these cases, the driver is known as judgement proof. The law makes the employer legally responsible so that the injured victim is not left without any way to pay for their damages.

It Encourages the Employer to Run the Business Safely

When an employee injures someone while on the job, the employer might also be legally at-fault.

This encourages the employer to take steps like proper training and safety measures to prevent their employees from injuring people.

It Discourages the Employer from Telling Employees to Break the Law

Making employers responsible for damage caused by their employees while on the job also discourages the employer from bad behavior.

For example, national safety laws require truck drivers to take take regular rest breaks in between driving.

Research and law enforcement data shows many trucking companies tell drivers to work without the legally required down time. Some encourage the drivers to fake their written logbooks.

Other trucking companies set unrealistic delivery times, and threaten to dock the driver’s pay for being late. Drivers just break the laws themselves.

Making the trucking companies legally responsible makes them less likely to take such risks. It makes everyone on the road much safer.

Employers Can More Easily Obtain Insurance Policies

Many trucking companies have large fleets of trucks and truck drivers. Because of their ongoing business and high volume, they are in a better position to have liability insurance that can pay for injuries caused by their employees.

18-wheeler accidents can be particularly destructive. That is another reason why in Texas, trucking companies and truck drivers are required to have large insurance policies to pay for the damage they cause.

Getting Fair Compensation After a Commercial Truck Collision

If you have been hit by an 18-wheeler semi or other commercial truck, you may want to speak to an experienced Texas truck accident attorney. A personal injury lawyer can help identify who is legally responsible for the accident.

The trucking company or their insurer may deny responsibility or offer a lowball settlement offer. A lawyer who understands the national and Texas state regulations and liability laws can build your case and stand up to them.

Commercial trucking accidents can be devastating. If you have been injured, Justinian & Associates offers an entirely free consultation with a seasoned Texas truck accident attorney. Tell us your story, and we can explain your rights under Texas law.