An 18-Wheeler hit me, who pays for my car repairs and medical bills?

Trucking is big business in Texas. In fact, more truck cargo crosses the state’s borders than any other state in the nation. With that many 18-wheeler semis on the same highways as cars and motorcycles, some truck collisions are impossible to avoid.

Truck collisions are usually more destructive than ordinary auto accidents. If you have been hit by an 18-wheeler in Texas, your car may be totaled. You may have significant injuries and medical bills. During the healing process you may be unable to work.

If you file an auto accident lawsuit, you must tell the court how much money you are owed for your injuries and property loss. This sum of money is known as your damages.

To recover your damages, you can sue the truck driver. But you may not get very far.

Truck Accident Lawsuits and the Judgement-Proof Truck Driver

Even if you win your lawsuit against the truck driver, many drivers simply do not have the funds to pay for all the damages. They may declare bankruptcy, and you may be left holding the bag.

That is why Texas laws also place responsibility on certain people and companies who are legally connected to the truck or its driver.

It’s also the reason that Texas requires trucking companies and independent drivers to maintain insurance policies that are big enough to pay for the damage caused by their trucks and drivers.

Texas Law Divides Fault Among the People or Companies That Caused an Accident

Sometimes more than one person or company may be legally responsible for the damages caused by a trucking accident. This might include the trucking company that leases the truck to the driver, or the company that hired the driver to deliver its cargo.

Under Texas Traffic and Tort laws, if the judge or jury decides that more than one person or company is legally responsible, each must pay their portion of the damage caused.

For example, if a truck collided with your vehicle in Texas, a judge or jury may decide the truck driver was 20% at fault for speeding, but the trucking company was 80% at fault for not maintaining the truck’s brakes. The driver would pay 20% of your damages, the trucking company would pay the other 80%.

If you were in an auto accident with a tractor-trailer or other truck, an experienced Texas truck accident attorney can help you with the process to receive compensation for your injuries and property damage.

Justinian & Associates is experienced with 18-wheeler collisions and cases. We can negotiate with the truck’s insurance company. We can tell you who is responsible, and what your options are. And if needed, we can take legal action to advocate for your rights. Call, text or email us for a free consultation with an Texas truck accident attorney.