Helping you after injury or a death from defective products.

When you put your trust into a product that you believe will help you, you are also giving your trust to the corporation, designers, manufacturers and suppliers of that product. You are, based on the information provided, putting your health and well-being into the hands of these companies and individuals.

When that trust is betrayed, not only do you feel the emotional repercussions, but you or your loved ones also fall victim to the physical consequences of using these dangerous or defective medications, devices and products.

We will use our extensive background in product liability law to fight for you in the areas of:

Manufacturers of drugs, medical devices, and other consumer products, have an obligation to the population at large.

Manufacturers’ mistakes have proved to be not only harmful, but in many cases, fatal. Faulty products and dangerous drugs affect adults and children alike, and everyone deserves steadfast representation.

We strive to recover financial support for our clients, and also to send a message to large corporations and manufacturers. We understand the trauma you or your loved ones have suffered and the sometimes exhausting drama involved in a mass tort or personal injury case.

We also understand that while no settlement will ever replace a loved one or reverse a debilitating injury or illness, the work we do together may just prevent the same tragedy from happening to someone else.