Hurt in a Car Accident?

According to 2013 Texas Department of Transportation figures, there are about 50 car accidents in Texas every hour, and there is an injurious car accident about every other minute. More than nine times each day, someone is killed in a Texas car accident. While statistics can be useful, they can sometimes desensitize us to the brutal reality of these truly painful events. At Justinian & Associates, we recognize that every car accidently lawsuit is unique and requires the utmost compassion and respect of our automotive attorney team. At our law firm, not a single one of our clients is treated like a statistic.

Car accidents may result from:

  • Distracted driving (cell phones, food, shaving)
  • Inattentive and drowsy driving
  • Driver intoxication (DUI)
  • Unlawful behavior (speeding; failure to stop, yield or signal)
  • Poor vehicle maintenance (improper tire pressure, burnt out light, etc.)
  • Simple mistakes

We tailor your representation.

If you’re reading this page, you’ve probably just been through a dangerous and stressful event. With that in mind, our team of car accident lawyers aim to make your experience as pleasant and straightforward as possible. That in mind, we will conform to any requirements you have – if you want to meet in our offices on a Monday morning, great. If you’re injured and in the hospital, we’re more than happy to meet you there.

If you’re more comfortable with text messages and emails than calls and letters, that works fine. Our team of car accident attorneys uses all the latest technology to make your life easier, every step of the way.

We’ll work with insurance companies on your behalf.

We understand that if your car was badly damaged in your accident, you’ll need it fixed as soon as possible. It will be our pleasure to deal with your insurer to get your car serviced quickly, to get you a rental car if needed, or even work toward a fair settlement if the accident totaled your car.

No up-front costs!

Because we work on a contingency-fee basis, our pay is contingent upon whether we recover money for you or not.  If we work on your case and fail, you won’t owe a dime.  All of our consultations are always free – call or email us today and see if we can help!

Hiring a lawyer doesn’t mean you have to sue someone.

Even though we are always ready to take a car accident lawsuit to trial, pre-trial settlement is sometimes a better option. Settling a car accident case out of court is usually faster, less stressful, and just as rewarding as a trial by jury. As always, hiring Justinian Lane PLLC doesn’t commit you to anything – you won’t have to go to court, and you won’t have to sue anyone. If your car accident case can’t be settled and requires a trial, we’ll have all the consultations you need to make sure you’re ready and comfortable – but again, you’ll never have to do anything you don’t want. We will consult with you every step of the way — we work for you!

Why should you hire a lawyer?

You should hire a car accident lawyer because you’re more likely to be compensated fairly if you do. In a recent study, the Insurance Research Council found that people who hire auto accident attorneys or retain legal cousel for car accident lawsuits are generally compensated about three times higher than people who do not hire lawyers following accidents.

It is important to know that your insurance company employs a great many lawyers whose goals are simply to make sure injured people are compensated less than they deserve. If you hire a lawyer for your car accident, he or she will make sure you don’t fall for the insurance company’s tactics, designed to trap you into an unfair settlement. With the help of a good car accident lawyer, you will secure all the compensation you deserve.

In-house specialists & legal technology resources.

When it comes to standing up to the insurance companies and in some cases, the other driver’s lawyer, we employ the most up-to-date law and technology resources, ensuring 100% accuracy and preparedness when handling even the most complicated car accident cases.

Your insurance company might offer you recompense and coverage that might seem sufficient, but it’s the insurance company’s job to offer you as little help and compensation as possible. And in the case of wrongful death of your loved one, you might not be in a position, emotionally or mentally, to make complex financial or other serious decisions on your own.