Bus & Rail Accidents

Our bus accident lawyers and rail accident attorney team are here to protect the rights of riders on Austin’s many transit lines and rails.

Bus and rail accidents happen nearly every day in the Austin area. Sometimes, this is due to driver negligence; sometimes, it’s due to poor maintenance or a faulty part; and sometimes, accidents result from bad weather or bad roads.

In the Austin metro area, Capital Metropolitan Transit Authority annually reports about 300 “vehicle accidents” in which a bus or MetroRail car collides with another vehicle, resulting in “damage, injury, or death”.  Every year, about 100 “passenger incidents” are reported, wherein a passenger is injured or killed while riding a public transit vehicle.

Our bus accident attorneys and rail accident attorneys at Justinian & Associates are prepared to fight for the rights of transit passengers injured in the Austin area and throughout the State of Texas.

Bus vs. Car – Size Matters

Due to the sheer size of many public transportation vehicles, the damage and injuries that come from these accidents can be serious, even at low speeds.

Fortunately, there may be some respite for people injured in bus and rail accidents, including: recovery for lost wages, lost earning capacity, medical expenses, pain and suffering, funeral expenses, and loss of care and companionship.

Time is of the Essence

Oftentimes, when dealing with government agencies such as Austin’s public transportation system, time matters. You have a certain number of days to file a claim for injury before your statute of limitations runs out. The lawyers at Justinian & Associates know when to file and can help you ensure that your right to recovery is preserved. If you’ve been injured by or on a bus, we urge you to call us immediately so we can start working on your case!