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Bicycle Accidents and Injuries

  • Physics dictates that if a bicycle and car are involved in an accident, the bicyclist often receives the brunt of the injuries.
  • Texas is near the top of the list in bicyclist fatalities due to traffic accidents and these accidents happen much more often in urban areas such as Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas.
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Austin is one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the nation.

Austin’s bicycling community is incredibly diverse, from daily commuters to those enjoying roadways and bike paths only on weekends. Austin also has a wide variety of riding areas, from the green belt to the trails and roadways. It is this variety of bike riders and enthusiasts that makes Austin such a thriving bicycle community. With Austin’s thriving community of cyclists, however, bicycle accidents occur all too often, and bicycle accident lawsuits have become vital in upholding the rights of people injured in bicycle accidents.

Unfortunately, bike accidents can and do happen.

And when they do, the bicycle accident lawyers at Justinian & Associates fight to protect the rights of bicycle accident victims.

Bike paths and bicycle-specific roadway areas typically keep bicycles and cars separate and bicyclists safe, but occasionally, bike paths and bike lanes must cross a street. Accidents can occur when bike riders are exposed to traffic at intersections such as this.

Bicycle accidents also happen when bicyclists collide with pedestrians on bike paths or city streets or when people lose control of their dog, who might chase a bike rider and cause a fall or might actually bite the cyclist. Determining fault in a bicycle accident lawsuit can at times be simple and straightforward, and at other times complex. Our experienced team of bicycle attorneys is here to help work through your accident while protecting your rights in this difficult time.

Bicycle accident injuries may include:

  • Head injury or traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Spinal cord injury or paralysis
  • Bone fractures
  • Cuts, abrasions and lacerations, which may cause permanent scars

Get the right help after a bike accident.

Navigating bicyclist VS motorist laws in Austin and Texas-statewide can be stressful and confusing on your own. Retaining an experienced law firm with knowledgeable and well-qualified bicycle attorneys can help you work through a bicycle-related accident case with ease.

At Justinian & Associates, our job is to fight on your behalf and support you. Email us directly and get the process started or you may call or text us at (512) 980-0000 for dedicated, experienced legal help 24/7!

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