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Working with other lawyers

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Working with Other Lawyers

If you have a potential product-liability case and want to pick our collective brain, just ask.  We won’t pressure you into referring the case to us, although we won’t complain if you do choose to do so.

We’ve got a pretty good collection of documents from most of the active pharma dockets and will be happy to share them or our knowledge with you.  What matters most to us is that injured citizens get a good result.  If we can help  make that happen, we’ll do so, even if it doesn’t put any money in my pocket.

We also welcome the opportunity to be part of any appeals that you may have.  Bad lawyering leads to bad law, and it’s therefore in our best interest to make sure that no plaintiffs’ lawyer files a bad appellate brief in any product liability lawsuit.

As luck would have it, we really enjoy appellate work, so please contact us if you think you could use some help on a brief. — unless the brief is due tomorrow.

Finally, if you’ve written something you think we’d be interested in, let us know!  Even if you’re a competitor, we’ll link to you if you wrote something useful.  (That means we won’t link to a keyword-stuffed press release, but we will link to an article that someone will actually find useful.)

We’re also open to guest posts (here or at your blog) if we may complement each other.

We looking forward to hearing from you!

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How can we help you?