I’m Justinian. How can we help you?

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you need to hire a personal injury lawyer.  I’m sorry that you’ve been injured, but I’m glad I have a chance to help you.  I know you probably have a lot of questions, like how you’ll get your medical bills paid, or whether a lawyer can help you, or maybe even whether you can afford to hire us.  If you like, you can stop reading here and call to speak with an attorney right now.  A phone call is always free, and every attorney at my firm would be happy to talk to you about what happened to you and answer any questions you might have.  Believe it or not, even though we’re lawyers, we’re great listeners.  Listening to you is the first step to helping you.  Of course, you might want to know more about us before you call.  So I’ll tell you a little bit about us.

Let Justice Be Done

You might have noticed the Latin phrase Fiat Justita Ruat Caelum on this website.  It means “let justice be done though the heavens fall.”  It’s a very old saying that I chose as our logo to remind everyone who works at my firm that our job is to help injured people get justice, regardless of the cost.  None of us care how powerful the person or company is that hurt you, or what getting justice for you will do to their bottom line or their shareholders.  We fight for what’s right, period.

Meet Our Team of Lawyers:

My name is Justinian Lane, and I’m the one who is actually writing this page.  I went to law school at Michigan State University, and I knew before I went to law school that what I wanted to do was help injured people.  I’ve always felt the deck is stacked against regular people in favor of large corporations and the wealthy.  I believe that everyone, big or small, deserves the same measure of justice, and that’s why I became a personal injury attorney.  I couldn’t fight for what’s right without the right team, and I’m very proud of the lawyers and staff on my team, so let me introduce them.

Attorney Amber M. Pang Parra
Amber M. Pang Parra is an amazing woman, mother, and lawyer.  Despite being the shortest lawyer on our staff, she’s definitely the toughest – she and her husband also own a martial arts studio, and you should really see how many bricks she can break.  Amber works primarily on cases involving dangerous drugs and medical devices, although like everyone here, she works on any case she can help with.
Attorney John B. Abramowitz
John Abramowitz likes to say that he is standing tall for Texas.  That’s because he’s 6’7” and is an imposing presence in and out of the courtroom.  Don’t be intimidated by John, though, because it’s actually easy to make him smile and laugh like a kid – just bring a dog around.  John loves animals, and his favorite day of the week is “Fur Baby Friday,” when we allow staff to bring their dogs into the office.  He always has time to play with and give treats to all of the dogs.  When John isn’t throwing a ball for a dog, he’s throwing bad offers back to insurance companies and demanding they treat our clients with the respect they deserve.
Attorney Dustin Fox
Dustin FoxNumber 52! – was a high school football star who went into coaching before he went to law school.  Like a good coach, he helps me keep the team moving the ball down the field.  Dustin works with all of the lawyers here and is the lawyer you’re most likely to meet at our company events.  He’s also become a minor celebrity in Austin because of his love of tacos.  (Have you seen our commercial where he’s devouring a taco yet?)  In addition to his love of tacos and football, he also loves working on motorcycle and automobile accident cases.
Attorney Diego Rodriguez
Diego Rodriguez is the newest member of my team, but he’s no “new guy.”  Diego quickly showed us what a hard worker he is, and he leads my immigration team.  Truthfully, I wish I got to see Diego more than I did, but it seems he is always in court or traveling to meet with a client.   Diego isn’t just a lawyer, he’s a confianza.  I know that if you have an immigration matter, or prefer to speak in Spanish to your attorney, Diego will be able to help you.

We’ll Meet You Wherever Is Best For You

Our primary office is at 8770 Research Boulevard in Austin.  It’s a former bank building, and we’re very proud of the renovations we did to it.  If you come to this office, you’re welcome to visit the vault that we repurposed into a law library.  (Yes, we will let you open and close the three-ton door.)

Our other Austin-area office is at 305 N. Heatherwilde, Suite 200 in Pflugerville.  Like all of our offices, is has convenient front-door parking and is easy to find.

Our San Antonio office is conveniently located at 9258 Culebra, Suite 101.  Amber Pang Parra and her pharmaceutical team work out of this office, although our San Antonio office can help anyone who is injured or needs immigration assistance.

If you can’t make it to us, we will come to your home, office, hospital, or any other location you’d like.  We routinely meet at coffee shops, and it’s never a problem to meet on weekends or after hours.  We also are happy to “meet” via Skype, Facetime, or other video conferencing software.

Our Usual Practice Areas

Our job is to help people, and that means we’ve been involved in a variety of types of cases.  If you’re not sure if we can help, just call us, text us, or use the form on our website to contact us.  That said, here are the types of cases we handle every day:

Car Accidents – From simple fender-benders to life-changing wrecks, we are very experienced in handling car accident cases.

Bicycle Accident Cases  – These are different than car accident cases or even motorcycle cases, and we know how to handle them.

Bus & Rail AccidentsThese cases are never easy, but we don’t shy away from hard work or hard cases.

Boating Accidents – People drive boats carelessly and intoxicated, too.  We can help if you were hurt in a boating accident.

Dog and Animal Bites – We’re animal lovers, and most of us have pets.  Still, part of being a responsible pet owner is controlling your pet.  We hold people accountable if they don’t.

Motorcycle Accidents – If you were injured in a motorcycle accident, contact Dustin or Amber now.  Dustin was in a serious motorcycle accident himself and knows how difficult they are to handle.  Amber has been riding for years.

Pedestrian AccidentsIt’s rare for a pedestrian to get hit by a car and not be seriously injured.  We can help in these cases.

Commercial Truck & 18-Wheeler AccidentsThese are often the most catastrophic cases our firm handles.  They also get complicated because federal regulations are often involved in these cases.  We’re equipped to handle them and know the regulations.

Wrongful Death – Nothing is more tragic than the loss of a loved one.  If that loss was caused by the negligence of another, we may be able to help.  We understand how serious such a loss is, and we would be honored if you would speak with us to see how we can help your family in your time of grieving.

Drug and Medical Device Cases – We are actively litigating cases against the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world on behalf of individuals injured by their products.  If you think a drug or medical device has injured you, we can help.

Asbestos & Mesothelioma – Justinian & Associates does not handle these cases. I handle these cases personally through my other law practice, The Law Offices of Justinian C. Lane, Esq. – PLLC.  I have a dedicated team of asbestos professionals who help me obtain justice for those injured or killed by asbestos.  The website for my other firm is www.asbestosclaims.law, and I welcome you to contact me there.

Consultations Are Always Free

We never charge a consultation fee on any type of case, including immigration.  We also never try and “hard sell” anyone into hiring us.  If you’re not ready to hire a law firm, we won’t push you into it.  I am going to try and nudge you now though into contacting us to get your questions answered.  The law has many “traps” in it relating to how long you have to take certain actions.  If you wait too long, you lose your ability to recover money for your injuries.  It’s in your best interest to contact us now to find out how long you have to take action.