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We Have Always Helped People Who Were Injured By Prescription Drug Side Effects.

Unlike many personal injury law firms, Justinian & Associates handled prescription and over-the-counter lawsuits before it began handling more traditional personal injury cases such as car and motorcycle accident cases. That’s unusual because, quite frankly, drug cases are typically more complicated than car accident cases and many firms lack the expertise and resources to handle them.

Our law firm is quite comfortable handling complicated drug side-effect lawsuits, and we have represented clients all over the country who have been injured by prescription and over-the-counter drugs. Our prescription-drug law practice is based out of our San Antonio office, and we have a team of dedicated attorneys and paralegals who work every day to hold pharmaceutical companies accountable when their drugs have unintended or undisclosed side effects.

Do You Need A Prescription Drug Side-Effect Lawyer?

We’ve found that most people who contact us fall into one of the following four categories. If you do, perhaps the information below will help you:

  1. You don’t know if your injury was caused by a prescription or over-the-counter drug.

    Many people have contacted our injury law firm because they aren’t sure whether or not a drug they took is responsible for a medical problem they are having. We have a unique resource at our disposal that we use when we investigate a potential prescription drug lawsuit. Our injury law firm has developed an internal database that contains every single complaint filed with the FDA since 2004. No other law firm that we are aware of has invested in creating such a database. We use it and other tools to determine whether a drug has been known to cause the type of injuries in question. If the drug is responsible, we then advise a person whether or not we can handle a prescription drug lawsuit for them.
  2. You’re pretty sure you were injured by a drug, but don’t know what your rights are.

    Lawsuits over prescription and over-the-counter drugs can be some of the most complicated injury lawsuits that a personal injury law firm will ever handle. That’s because they almost always involve both state and federal law. Some of the factors that affect your rights include, what state you live in (we have clients across the country), whether the drug you took was a brand-name drug or the generic equivalent of it, when you first suspected your injury was caused by the drug, and why the drug was prescribed to you in the first place. Our drug injury lawyers can quickly work with you to determine whether you are eligible for compensation for your injuries. If you are eligible, we will work with you to hold the drug manufacturer accountable and pay for your injuries and medical bills.
  3. You’re ready to file a claim or a lawsuit against the manufacturer of your drug but don’t know how to choose a law firm.

    Choosing a law firm to handle your drug injury case doesn’t need to be complicated. Here’s what we advise you to look for.
    1. Find a firm that will handle your case itself. Many of the law firms you see advertising on TV don’t handle drug injury cases themselves, but instead refer the case to another law firm in return for a referral fee. Many law firms will pay up to 1/3rd of the total attorney fee to a firm that did nothing more than send them a client. Some lawyers make very a very good living being what we sometimes call a referral mill. We are not a referral mill, and the attorneys you see on our web site will be the ones handling your case. (Sometimes it’s appropriate for us to join forces with another firm, but joining forces with is different than just passing your case to another firm.)

    2. Make sure the law firm has one or more attorneys whose primary job is handling drug lawsuits. When a law firm files an injury lawsuit against a major pharmaceutical company, they will end up going to battle against literally the best and most expensive lawyers in the world. Johnson & Johnson, for instance, sold over $70 billion dollars worth of products in 2015. They certainly aren’t going to hire a law firm that dabbles in prescription drug lawsuits. Neither should you — and that’s why attorney Amber Pang Parra and attorney Justinian Lane only handle cases such as these as their primary job.

    3. Make sure you like the lawyer who will be handling your case. If you pursue a prescription drug lawsuit, you’re going to have to talk about personal matters with your lawyer, such as yo ur medical history and how the injuries have affected your life. If you weren’t able to use the restroom without assistance, or to be intimate with your partner, or otherwise couldn’t enjoy parts of your life, you’ll need to tell your lawyer. Those aren’t conversations you’ll enjoy having with an attorney who you think is rude or pushy or disinterested in your case. Every lawyer who works at Justinian & Associates is kind, empathetic, and considerate to each and every one of our clients. We don’t tolerate rude attorneys or staff, and neither should you.

    4. Run — do not walk — away from any lawyer who promises you a certain outcome in your drug injury case. Any lawyer who will promise you a specific outcome in your case is either lying to you, or telling you whatever he or she thinks you want to hear in order to get you to hire that law firm. No lawyer can ethically or truthfully promise any outcome in your case. What we promise is that we will treat you with dignity and respect, that we will work hard on your case, and that we won’t settle your case without your permission.

  4. You’re ready to file a claim or a lawsuit against the manufacturer of your drug but don’t know what to do next.

    This one is easy. Just contact us and tell us about your potential case. You can call us, email us, or use the contact form on this page to get ahold of us. Our p hones are manned 24-hours a day, and we are very responsive to email. Once you’ve contacted us, we will ask you some simple questions and see if our injury law firm can help you. We’ll answer all of your questions, and if you decide to pursue a claim, we’ll make it very easy to hire us to do so for you. Here are the cases we are currently accepting: Our firm is currently representing individuals who were injured by the foll owing drugs. If you took one of these drugs and would like us to investigate your potential case, please contact us and we will be glad to help.
  • AndroGel and other Low-Testosterone Treatments: We are representing men who took AndroGel and competing Low-T treatments and suffered strokes or heart attacks while using the treatment or shortly after they ended using it.
  • Mirena: We’re representing women who developed pseudotumor cerebri while using a Mirena birth control device. This rare condition causes increased pressure inside the skull.
  • IVC Filters: IVC blood clot filters were designed to prevent blood clots, but som etimes not only fail to prevent blood clots but may actually cause them. Our lawyers are representing individuals who suffered from pulmonary embolisms, strokes, and other serious cardiovascular injuries aft er being implanted with an IVC filter.
  • Viagra & Cialis: Both of these drugs are associated with an increased risk of melanoma in men, and our law firm is working to hold the manufacturers accountable to our clients.
  • Essure: We represent a number of women who have suffered from serious side effects of their Essure device, such as internal perforation or catastrophic failure of the Essure device.
  • Metal-on-Metal Hips: We are extensively involved in litigation against the manufacturers of Metal-On-Metal hips because of the complications associated with those devices, su ch as metallosis and failed hip replacements.
  • Bair Hugger Air Warming Device: We represent a number of individuals who suffered severe infections after a Bair Hugger was used during their joint-replacement surgery.
  • Power Morecellators: It’s recently been discovered that Power Morecellators used for laparascopic hysterectomies and fibroid removals have been associated with an in creased risk of uterine cancer.
  • Abilify: Our firm is investigating whether usage of Abilify can lead to compulsive g ambling in individuals who never before gambled compulsively.
  • Proton Pump Inhibitors (Nexium, Prilosec, & Pepcid): Our firm is representing individuals who took these over-the-counter drugs and later developed severe chronic kidney disease.
  • Onglyza: The Type-2 Diabetes medicine Onglyza may lead to an increased risk of pancreat ic cancer. We are accepting cases from individuals who developed pancreatic cancer whi le taking Onglyza.
  • Invokana: This Type-2 Diabetes medicine has been shown to increase the risk of urinary tract infections, elevated blood acid, severe kidney disease, and even strokes and heart attacks. Our lawyers are working to hold the makers of Invokana accountable for our clients who suffered t hese side effects.
  • Talc: Talcum powder sold by companies like Johnson & Johnson has been shown to cause ovarian cancer in women who used it daily after showering. We’re fighting hard on behalf of our talcum powder clients.
  • Taxotere: Many of our clients who suffered first from breast cancer and then from permanent hair loss caused by Taxotere feel more hurt by the permanent hair loss. We are representing a number of women whose hair will not return after using Taxotere during their cancer treatment.
  • Fluoroquinolones (Cipro, Levaquin, and Avelox): We represent individuals who took these antibiotics and were then diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy, other types of severe nerve damage, and aoritic dissection.

If you've been injured or have experienced an adverse side effect to a prescription drug or medical device — even if it's not listed above — don't hesitate to contact us to see how we can help you!

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