Josh was Injured in a Motorcycle Accident

I was coming home from work. I was about 100 feet from the house and I got rear-ended at 40mph.

Josh was severely injured while riding his motorcycle. He was about 100 feet from his home, waiting to turn left when all of a sudden, he was rammed from behind by a careless driver. Eye witnesses say he was launched from his bike into the air 20 or 30 feet. Fortunately, like many riders, Josh was wearing safety gear. Unfortunately, the speed and forces involved in many motorcycle accidents cannot be compensated for – even with the best riding gear. Josh was air-lifted to the hospital by helicopter and was in ICU for three days. After his release from the hospital, he faced mounting medical bills, a month of lost time from work, an uphill battle to recover from his injuries, and no transportation.

Medical bills alone – that was a huge, huge chunk of it but being that I was still able to come away with something to hold onto for later is definitely a big blessing.

The insurance company came to evaluate Josh’s damages and decided to only offer the minimum coverage. Their offer wouldn’t even have paid for the helicopter transport to the hospital let alone his hospital bills, his wrecked motorcycle, or his physical therapy and pain and suffering. Josh was not at fault for the accident but he was still expected to pay for the damages that the insurance company’s driver had caused. Facing mounting medical bills, Josh turned to the lawyers of Justinian & Associates for help. The personal injury team quickly got to work on his case and his lawyers were able to negotiate a settlement that resulted in paying for his medical care, a new bike, and money in Josh’s pocket.

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