Jerry Knows that Medical Care After an Accident is Important

Jerry is an Army Veteran and a current nursing student. He was on his way home from his nursing school’s pinning ceremony when he was hit from behind by another driver. Jerry was the passenger in the vehicle and was turned to face the driver at the time of the impact. The position of his body during the impact caused a strain in his neck and he experienced severe headaches as a result of the accident. Having toughed through Army training and a tour in Afghanistan, Jerry was ready to deal with the pain of injury on his own. He’s been in accidents before and knows full-well that any treatment he would need would come out of his own pocket before the insurance company would even think about reimbursing him. Although he was not at fault, the insurance companies will use this tactic and play a waiting game knowing that most car accident victims are unable or unwilling to bear the burden of treatment and medication.

It’s easier to sit back and focus on your treatment… let someone else take the wheel for you.

Jerry is no stranger to pain but the headaches were something he’s never experienced before. These headaches, his decreased range of motion, and stiffness in his neck along with a recommendation from a friend encouraged him to seek legal help. Jerry isn’t the type to hire a lawyer – he’s a fighter by nature and prefers to fight his own battles – but with the increasing pain and added stress of the process on top of attending nursing school and paying for his medical bills, he decided to contact Justinian & Associates. His lawyers quickly got to work on his case which allowed Jerry to focus on his treatment and recovery. Jerry was able to receive a settlement that paid for his medical care, physical therapy, and frequent check ups. Jerry is still feeling the effects of the car accident but has regained a majority of his functionality thanks in part to the treatment he received as a result of contacting Justinian & Associates. The money he received as part of his settlement will help him pay for his tuition and books while he continues through nursing school at Texas State.

Don’t try to suffer through the pain of your injuries. If you’ve been injured in a car accident, call today!