I’m injured but I’m not sure how much I should get for my medical bills. What can I expect from the insurance company?

If you have suffered a wrongful personal injury in Texas, under Texas law you can recover compensation for your injuries from the person or company that caused your injury (or their insurance company.) This is known as your legal damages.

One type of damages you can receive monetary compensation for cover for are medical bills incurred to treat your injuries.

What Medical Bills Can Be Compensated in a Texas personal injury lawsuit?

Under Section 41.0105 of the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies code, you can recover the cost of your medical care at the rate it has been billed.

You Can Only Recover The Amount That The Insurance Company Actually Paid Your Healthcare Provider

Doctors often have a contract with insurance companies to accept a lesser amount for the services they provided. For example, many doctors will adjust their bills for patients who have Medicare.

But no matter what the medical bill actually says, you will only be able to recover what your insurance company has agreed to pay your doctors.

Even though the law actually says you can recover the rate billed, you’re still only allowed to collect the total of the costs “actually paid or incurred” on your behalf.

Under the case of Haygood v. Escabedo, this includes Medicare. It also is the system used when calculating future medical bills. You can usually only get the amounts that the insurance company will have to actually pay,

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