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Mass Tort Law


Mass Tort Law

Mass torts is an area of law that involves pharmaceuticals, medical devices, product liability, and any manufactured product or good that has the potential to harm a lot of people. Much like class-action lawsuits, we have the ability to stand up for multiple people who have been injured or affected by a single defendant. The key difference is that in a mass tort, each client is treated as an individual and their damages are tallied on a case-by-case basis upon resolution of the case. It's a big arena where verdicts often set precedence for other cases. Mass tort law is a big passion of the lawyers at Justinian & Associates as it's a venue that allows our lawyers to act as a voice for many people who have been injured. We love being in court and often, we get to defend our clients at the highest levels of the court system. If you have questions about a specific mass tort or about how dangerous drugs & medical devices can hurt many people, please give us a call or send an email. We may answer your question in video form.

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