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Dustin Fox

  • Personal Injury
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Personal Injury Attorney

Dustin Fox grew up in the Central Valley of California. A month after turning seventeen, his father passed away, which set Dustin on a path few attorneys begin their education; he wanted to be a doctor. Dustin started his college career at a local junior college where he decided to major in Biology. Eventually, Dustin Transferred to the University of San Diego in hopes of beginning their medical program after graduation. However, a month after turning twenty-two while on Christmas break, Dustin’s mom unexpectedly passed away.

Dustin took some time off of school to transfer his units closer to where his mom lived, and he began his final year in undergrad at California State University, Bakersfield. At this point, Dustin had enough of emergency rooms and such, but he was still fascinated with medicine. Because he is a huge animal lover, he thought becoming a veterinarian was the logical decision.

While gaining volunteer hours before applying to veterinarian school, Dustin spent two years working as a substitute teacher and a head defensive football coach at his Alma Matter, Strathmore High School, where he and his coaching staff were fortunate enough to earn the coaching staff of the year award. In addition, Dustin also volunteered his time as a football coach for two other teams, including a bantam (5-7 year olds) and pop warner (10-12 year olds) all at the same time.

After volunteering nearly 300 veterinarian hours, Dustin new in his heart that veterinarian work wasn’t right for him – it was simply too routine. At this point, Dustin was a little lost and didn’t know what to do, so he reached out to his brother-in-law, Justinian Lane. Justinian was a personal injury attorney, and he explained how great it was being able to help so many people. Plus, he knew how competitive Dustin was, so becoming an attorney made a lot of sense.

Once again, Dustin packed up his bags and moved to San Diego, California, in 2012 to begin law school at Thomas Jefferson School of Law. During school, Dustin interned at Pfizer and the school’s Small Business Law Center, where he drafted patent applications for clients. In addition to graduating cum laude, Dustin earned a certificate in Intellectual Property, which includes extensive study in patents, trademarks, and copyrights.

Although Dustin’s drive to become an attorney was later in life, the one underlying characteristic he’s had with every career path is that he wants to help people. This is why Dustin relocated to Austin, Texas, where he utilizes his unique experience of having totaled three motorcycles due to negligent drivers. He was able to settle his cases before becoming an attorney, so he personally understands how stressful, frustrating, and the general benefit of having an attorney is while negotiating with an adjuster.

Dustin and his wife, Jerica, enjoy being active in the community, including supporting local schools and animal shelters. In his spare time, Dustin enjoys spending time outdoors, hanging out with his family, and meeting new people. If you’ve been injured and want to speak to someone like Dustin, please contact Justinian & Associates today.

Dustin is a young attorney, but he certainly isn't a rookie in the courtroom. In fact, a mere four months after being a licensed attorney, Dustin successfully second-chaired his first trial where the jury awarded the client $98,000 for her injuries she sustained after a motor vehicle accident. While this figure isn't headline news worthy, it was more than double the insurance's final offer of $40,000 prior to beginning trial, which is always a victory worth noting.

Areas of Practice

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution — Mediation
  • Personal Injury

Bar Admissions

  • State Bar of Texas


  • Thomas Jefferson School of Law — Juris Doctor
  • Thomas Jefferson School of Law — Certificate for Law and Intellectual Property
  • California State University, Bakersfield — Bachelor of Science: Biology
  • Mediators & Arbitrators of America — Mediation Certificate in Accordance with T.C.P.R.C. §154.052

Professional Associates & Memberships

  • American Association for Justice
  • Capital Area Trial Lawyers Association
  • Pflugerville Education Foundation
  • Texas Trial Lawyers Association

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